ABOUT this site

Over the past decade the AWE scientific, industrial and hobby communities have grown considerably. Scientific and industrial communities have started to build networks and platforms to improve communication and collaboration. However to this day there is no inviting, active AWE online community to support these activities.
Current and past attempts to create an active AWE online community struggle to attract most of the active minds in the space due to the following reasons:
  • Lack of focus leading to a high noise to information ratio
  • Lack of moderation leading to lack of civility and focus
  • Relying on “if you build it, they will come” - leading to lack of active members aims to close this gap by becoming an active, welcoming and open AWE community.
  • someAWE is dedicated to make some Airborne Wind Energy happen by creating a place to discuss about Airborne Wind Energy in a friendly but strictly on topic manner.
  • someAWE has sound funding and human resources to avoid the three symptoms that made past attempts struggle/fail.
  • someAWE is completely independent from any commercial interests. It will be open for commercial and open projects.
someAWE will be actively moderated – based on the following criteria:
  1. Civility is paramount - Treat others with respect, kindness and generosity.
  2. Strictly on topic - No discussion of anything other than AIRBORNE wind energy.
  3. Respect the laws of physics – No discussion of anything that would require the laws of physics to be changed or that requires technology that is not likely to be available in our lifetime.
  4. Share - Although someAWE is not limited to open source projects: open communication and publishing under an Open license is encouraged.

Update 2016-07-06: On June 30th Joe Faust closed the Yahoo forum for Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES) after >20.000 posts and many years. Joe recommended to the members of the forum to join @Joe: THANK YOU for the great service you have provided to the AWE community both by moderating the forum and by compiling 
I found a lot of inspiration in both and have a lot of respect for the amount of work and dedication it takes to moderate any forum on wind energy and especially a forum on airborne wind energy. Wish me luck :) @Everybody else who is joining: Welcome! While you are here: Please read the above, always be nice&on topic - so being a moderator does not become a full time job for me :) Thank you.

Update 2016-07-05: A new member has brought to my attention that the terms of service (TOS) one has to agree to when signing up contain "logical and practical contradictions". I personally believe that "I READ and accept the TOS" is one of the biggest lies of our time and congratulate anybody who actually does read them. I don't. is based on - simply to keep the admin effort for me at a minimum. The TOS are provided by socialgo and can not be changed by me. Neither am I a lawyer and/or plan to have them reviewed by one. I hope the TOS do exactly one job: Cover my butt in case somebody posts something that should not be posted. The same member has suggested to add: "I hereby agree to the someAWE terms and conditions only insofar as they are reasonable and consistent with the UN Declaration of Human Rights and Moral Rights under the Bourne Convention." Well, I haven't read the UN Declaration of Human Rights or the Bourne Convention either - but both sound great! Hence: Feel free to stand up and say these words loud while clicking the "accept" button :)

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0