Christof Beaupoil Administrator

MAKE some Airborne Wind Energy @ MITxMake!

AWE has the potential to provide cheaper and more reliable power than tower based wind turbines - by reaching stronger and more consistent wind with less material. The best design yet has to be found and many detail challenges have to be solved before we will see widespread adoption of AWE. A perfect playground for MAKERS!

That is why I have started to bring some Airborne Wind Energy to the Makers on a mission to let more smart and creative people know about AWE. Maybe some are looking for a project that is more than just educational or interesting but one that can change the world!

What better place to start than at the MIT and their MITxMAKE Makerfest?


There were 800 people attending – the feedback was amazing. Most had never heard about AWE or limited understanding on why it is so promising.

some Airborne Wind Energy booth at MIT x Make 2017