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Welcome MITxMakers!

New to Airborne Wind Energy? Want to know more?

Here are three youtube playlists for you:

10 Airborne Wind Energy introductions

Watch these if you still need to be convinced that AWE “Could be the magic bullet” for the world’s energy problem.

10 Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Watch these to get an overview about different concepts people are working on.

10 DIY Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Do you want to see more DIY Airborne Wind Energy Systems? Here are 10 projects to get you started. Some did not publish any source files - but if you ask the maker you might motivate them to share :)


Ready to make some Airborne Wind Energy yourself?

Want to be innovative and creative - with a purpose - while learning about many different disciplines (aerodynamics, mechanics, electrics, electronics, micro controllers) and along the way change the world? MAKE some AWE!

Here you can find more information about two Open Source Hardware projects I presented @ MITxMAKE:


An open-source test platform for airborne wind energy systems.

Pixhawk & ardupilot & new AWE flight modes & modified off-the-shelf model aircraft (Easy Star II)

The project files can be found in the AWEsome branch of Ardupilot on GitHub.

Note: AWEsome is brought to you by a great team from Universität Bonn and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The project is sponsored by Daidalos Capital. I am not affiliated with the project or Daidalos Capital. I am however in close contact with the great people behind it: Philip Bechtle, Thomas Gehrmann, Christoph Sieg and Udo Zillmann and believe that this is so far the most promising open-source test platform for airborne wind energy systems. They are happy to answer any question you might have about the project - ping me if you need contact details. I will also update this post as soon as they have their own project website up.

Follow @someAWE_cb on Twitter to be notified when more info becomes available.

My Airborne Rotor

A passively controlled system with continuous power output and smaller airspace requirements using torsion and tensegrity.

The project files can be found here.

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