some Airborne Wind Energy un-Conference (AWEuC)

some Airborne Wind Energy un-Conference (AWEuC)

Start time: 17 June 2016, 10.00
End time: 17 June 2016, 13.00
Description: While we all wait in excitement for AWEC2017: How about trying something new - an AWE unconference (AWEuC)?

(un·con·fer·ence: “a loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured program of events.” for a more detailed definition see

I am excited that the MIT Media Lab has agreed to let us use their Unhangout platform for running an online Airborne Wind Energy un Conference!

(Unhangout is a platform for running online un-conferences. It uses Google Hangouts to create as many small sessions as needed, and helps users find others with shared interests.
Think of it as a classroom with an infinite number of breakout sessions. Each event has a landing page, which we call the lobby. When participants arrive, they can see who else is there and chat with each other. Participants then break out into smaller sessions (up to 10 people per session) for in-depth conversations. UnHangouts are community-based learning instead of top-down information transfer. For details please see

I (Christof Beaupoil) will be your host – but the event will be nothing without your participation!

Please let me know if you:

• Plan to attend (just click “attend” or send me a message
• Have a suggestions for a session and if you would be willing to host a session

A session can be anything from:

• a formal presentation
• 5-15 minutes of prepared material followed by an interactive discussion
• Group discussion (identify a topic you are interested in, others come to join the conversation
• Your big (or little) Question - You have a question you want to know the answer to, and you think others in the group could help you answer it.

• Show and tell - You have a cool project, a demo, or just something to show and that is the springboard for all the conversation in the session.

Or just join to listen in and get to see me struggle with the latest and greatest in online technology :)

The event will be free (as in beer and in speech), friendly and focused.

See you on June 17th at 10am EST!

Attending 4

Timing - Why did you pick 10EST for the event?

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Christof Beaupoil Administrator
Christof Beaupoil

It has nothing to do with the fact that I can sleep in and get a coffee this way ;)

By going with 10am EST I try to make it convenient for American and European time zones. US  West coast participants will have to get up at 7 (sorry :) and Europeans might not have left for the weekend just yet. Obviously the timing is not perfect for APAC - hence sorry if you try to connect form that area of the globe.

I have scheduled for 3h - but I am flexible depending on how things are going.