someAWE Challenges organizes AWE Challenges. We will make the winners world famous – and reward them with little giveaways!

Challenge 1: 100*3

The first AWE Challenge is called 100*3! The goal is to generate an average of 100W for 100 minutes at a minimum altitude of 100ft – with any AWE method that has not yet been used to do the same.

All you have to do to win is to post a video and data logs that show that at least 100W*100min = 0.167kWh el. have been generated.

Methods that may not be used:

-        Generator in the air (used by Makani, Altaeros)

-        Reel in reel out (used by many)

-        Stacked rotors with torsion ladder spaced by rings (used by first winner Rod Read)

Challenge 2: 1-0-1 (aka Launch. Land. Repeat.)

The goal is to do a full retrieval and relaunch of your AWE system. In other words to go from 1/on to 0/off back to 1/on.

On: Your AWE system must be flying at at least 100 feet and it must be generating at least 100W electric when you start the landing/recovery procedure.

Off: Your AWE system must be completely grounded and retrieved. Retrieved means that it may only cover the surface area of its ground station. Grounded means that there is no airborne component.

On: After being grounded and retrieved the system must relaunch and reach 100 feet and 100W again.

Recovery and relaunch: The retrieval and relaunch process does NOT have to be fully automated. Manual intervention is OK. HOWEVER: You may only touch components and do actions that could be fully automated without additional mechanical components.

Things you may do:

- push buttons
- slide, rotate, push components like levers, cranks, winches etc.

Things you may NOT do:

- Touch any tether
- Touch any airborne component
- Freely move anything around (e.g. a pulley)

Methods that have been proven and may not be used:

- Using rotors on the kite as propellers as (quad/n)-copter to launch (used by Makani)

- Lighter than Air (LTA) as main source of lift (used by Altearos) - LTA components are ok

Please post any questions or feedback on the challenge here. I will wait one week before updating the description and before giving the official starting signal. I want to make sure I did not exclude anybody or forget to mention any "prior art"

Now the best part:

The first design to complete the challenge will be awarded a LULZBOT TAZ 5 (a high performance desktop 3D printer for advanced users that respects your freedom to create).