Project Daisy Roots

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Roderick Read
Roderick Read

Your expert opinion on my AWES project matters.

I’m going to ask a favour from you.

As you know, I have been experimenting openly with rotary kite network AWES.

The experimentation work has been exciting and revealing. Results have steadily improved to the point where, I’m now confident enough in the operation of small AWES that I am preparing to develop a marketable 500w rotary kite network and ground station generator.

I chose Open Hardware because I believe we need AWES solutions on a global level. Funding an Open Hardware project is no easy task. I’m not asking for money. I’m asking for your sincere opinions. Preferably on a very short video clip. (Even as short as 5 seconds)

Why a video? As part of an open ethos, I want to go to the public for funding. This project is for the public. Video of Your considered opinion (endorsement or otherwise) would add authenticity, gravitas and justification to my appeal. I want to provide an honest & balanced viewpoint on the value of this work. I am prepared to share critical videos as part of an appeal FAQ section.

Funding so far has been thanks to my wife and 1 research contract. It’s time I made this work pay & become sustainable. For the upcoming product development “project Daisy Roots” I am going to set 3 funding target levels.

1st £3,500 to cover the manufacturing of prototype equipment for Oliver Tulloch for his PhD studies in Strathclyde University.

2nd an extra £18,000 will allow me to provide a venue touring AWES demonstrator service. Tours starting summer 2017.

3rd an extra £17,000 (which will be match funded by a local business initiative), will allow me to start manufacturing full AWES systems on the Isle of Lewis.

Crowdfunding projects which use video are far more likely to meet and exceed their targets. Videos which show interaction with an informed community attract more funding.

Yes this is what I am going to ask you for.

Please can you take some quiet time to film a short video of yourself with clear audio of your opinions on what I’m doing?

With your permission, I would like to include your video, with attribution, in some of my appeal videos. I expect the appeal to last until no later than early January 2017.

Your opinion really does matter to me & to AWES development.

Thanks for your consideration. I understand if you don’t want to, or contractually can’t do this. I have been pressganged into a part in a ballet this year. I’m 41 and I have a sore back.


Roderick Read
Roderick Read

A reminder of the upcoming "Daisy Roots" model release.

A whredesign on the generation side. stiffer, wider, lighter, thinner rings. It's going to kick ass.

Going to scale back the release to only 5 of these research classs models.

Still looking for your videos. Get filming please!

Release goes live Early December. It's now 5 years since I spun that trampoline.

Roderick Read
Roderick Read

A real bonus of small open business is how fluid you can be. Things got busy when Youtube featured one of my videos on their trending list...  The very same one as in the message above. Just seemed to take off and go... very kite.

Advances in the base station and the 3x3 ring kite design mean I can now offer the device on a presale basis with the condition you let Ollie and I test it for you first. 

The crowdsourcing project plans are being simplified and morphed for easier communication.

I noticed, You have all been shy with your videos... It's not a big deal only 29K views in 48 hours 

That's a lot in AWES exposure terms but nothing in youtube land.

Pierre Benhaïem
Pierre Benhaïem : 32401 views in only one week. Congratulations Rod!

Christof Beaupoil Administrator
Christof Beaupoil

Hi Rod,

You got mail :) I hate recording myself - but I hope it will be useful for you. Anybody else?!


Roderick Read
Roderick Read

Thank You Christof. 

Very handsome. Neat and succinctly narrated. I should be able to use that thanks.

Falling behind with getting my own video parts strung together. I did however release another concept drawing idea today. It mixes my forthcoming project with Pierre's Rotating Reeling scheme... in that it uses live tetehring to a ground ring. This would be a good move as the system goes to larger scales as it would allow the central generation breaking and control parts to stay small, If the active anchoring perimiter is taking the inline strain.

Promise to release this crowdfunding thing soon. rod.,