What are the conditions for a higher lifetime of flexible materials?

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Pierre Benhaïem
Pierre Benhaïem

Problems of high resistance and low lifetime with ripstop use, or high lifetime and low resistance with plastic film use are well known. Laminated complexes exist, above all in the industry of sails, but their lifetime can also be limited with the loss of cohesion with time.

Another consideration is the way of use. Example: some flexible material could have a higher lifetime when it covers a rigid structure. By the same is it possible to deduce a higher lifetime for flexible material used for hang glider? The same for inflatable concepts like http://fly.woopyjump.com/ . The same for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tethered_Aerostat_Radar_System or reversing the question: supposing that the same flexible material is used for ram kites, would be their lifetime be the same or lower? My hypothesis is a higher lifetime when the flexible material is used within a permanent structure or/and on a support.

Your return of experience can be precious for AWE R&D. Thanks.