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Pierre Benhaïem
Pierre Benhaïem : Olivier Normand realized a new design for a nice AWES with a loop-belt and designed for nomadic uses.

Gordon Spilkin
Gordon Spilkin

Kitewinder is a very good system for creating small amounts of energy.  Unfortunately scale-up is a severe problem.  For example to generate 10 kW of power we require a lifter kite of area greater than 40 sq. meter.  A lifter kite this size is dangerous to launch and retrieve in moderate to high winds.  The large kite is required because tension in both ropes of the cable drive must be maintained while power is being extracted.  Operating the lifter kite in crosswind mode would increase the lifting force, but operating in a figure-of-eight pattern would result in uneven pulling forces.  Perhaps a circular crosswind pattern would be satisfactory.  In any case, crosswind would require a  "Kite Control Unit" which is complicated.