Let's make some Airborne Wind Energy


This site is a private project of Christof Beaupoil - a Google-powered Polytinker on a Mission: 

Make some Airborne Wind Energy and share the knowledge gained in the process.

I am not:

  • An expert for anything: If you have a suggestion or correction please let me know
  • A designer, a video editor, etc: Enjoy the handcraftedness of this site and its content
  • A native English speaker: Feel free to go full Grammar Nazi on me
  • Funny (according to my daughters)  - doesn't stop me from trying


  • Am smart enough to google and understand some of the words put on the internet by smarter people
  • like to tinker with bits, bolts & volts
  • am an engineer! (According to a paper from RWTH)
  • have access to time, tools and wind



Foto de Christof.jpg

Picture of me with a confident look.

Not a captain.  No visibility. Heck, not even my boat. Join the journey!