What happened to someAWE.org? socialGO!

What happened to someAWE.org? socialGO!

someAWE.org has been down for a couple of days and the old site has been replaced by this.

Here is why:

In the beginning someAWE.org was created on www.socialgo.com. This has  been widely regarded as a bad move. They have not been able to iron out the most basic bugs in the platform and just informed me - while I was camping in the middle of the "Picos de Europa" that they will switch off the platform the site was on - with no option for migration or export of the content. To quote the email I got:

"Can We Download Your Data For You?
I'm sure some of you will want to keep some of your images and interesting things that have been written during the build of your social network. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to extract in bulk your data, instead we recommend you log into your account and download anything you might want to keep.


I will not go into details on how frustrating that is and how frustrating the whole experience with them was. I have tried to save as much content as I could through a slow mobile connection. 

I will work on bringing most of it back online on this new site. In the meantime you can download the old pages in PDF format here.

Thanks to the incredible people at archive.org you can also access most of the content via http://web.archive.org/web/sitemap/someawe.org

People say "Cloud" is just a trendy term for "somebody else's computer". It is also a term for "somebody else's admin time". So while I am a fool for making the same mistake twice by rebuilding the site using a Software as a Service provider over true freedom - it allows me to spend more time in the shop building stuff than in front of the computer.

So: My apologies for being a fool by picking socialgo. Stay tuned while I bring the content back online and let me know if you are missing anything...

Thank you!




AWE Map updated & back online

AWE Map updated & back online